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About You

Life is full of opportunities and challenges. But no matter the situation, you are not alone. Here at Sandra Mews and Associates we have the expertise to help you deal with the financial aspects of many of life’s most daunting situations.

Look below to see which headline best describes your current situation. In each of these segments below are pictures of our clients and testimonials as to how we have assisted them. In each section you can click for further resources. If you feel you don’t fall within one of the segments below, here are some other options that may better suit your current situation.

  • Family Cottage Complications
  • Home Ownership - Finances and Mortgages
  • Marriage - Saving, Budgeting and Buying as a Couple
  • Starting Out - Credit Cards
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Retire Right – Wendy

“And for the record, I think Sandra is awesome and remain impressed by all the good work she does!”

Is retiring or retirement planning on your mind? Do you know if you have enough saved? Do you think you may outlive your money? Have you researched the tax consequences of your choices? We will work with you to help you determine different options for achieving your retirement goals.

Business Owners – Rob Staniforth

“I highly recommend Sandra and her team. Since 1994, they have provided me with direction, being a sounding board for my financial decisions.”

Sandra Mews & Associates offers comprehensive solutions for business owners, and their unique challenges. Our expertise can take you from start-up, to exit planning strategies. You can contact us for tax planning, group benefits, business insurance policies, and more.

Divorcing – Pauline

“With her dedication and still on-going consulting and planning, I have ben­efited by making sound and difficult decisions with my financial outcome and closure on my divorce.”

Unfortunately, divorce is a reality for many. Sandra Mews is not only a Financial Advisor with more than 27 years of experience; she is also one of the few Financial Divorce Specialists in Northern Ontario. With her expertise and knowledge, she and her team will help you determine the best choices.

Job Change – Doug

“We have been clients for over 14 years, in good and bad times. You can count on Sandra Mews and Associates to be there with you and deliver the results you need.”

“Job change” can indicate a wide variety of circumstances, including anything from an exciting career change, to a job loss, a lay-off, or even a strike. Whether your job change is a choice you make, or a daunting unexpected loss of employment, our team can guide you through the turbulence. With our help you can make informed decisions, knowing all the options available and their implications.

Loss of a Loved One – Sharon P.

“It was a tough time, but with the help and perseverance of Sandra and her team, I have financial peace of mind. I would recommend them fully.”

The death of a loved one can be devastating. It can become difficult to think clearly and choose the best courses of action. We have a team of caring, dedicated professionals who will be able to assist you through this tough time. With clarity and compassion, we will help guide you through the immediate steps required and continue to assist you until the process has been completed.